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Vet Care

by Dr Lu Fenny in the comfort of your own home.

My holistic approach to pet wellness

My holistic approach to pet wellness

My approach combines conventional medicine with evidence-based natural therapies with a focus on improving wellbeing, vitality and quality of life and treating the whole pet - not just their symptoms. 

With over eleven years experience practicing traditional veterinary medicine and surgery, I know when pharmaceutical intervention is required and find it very valuable when rapid results are required. However I also understand that we have a huge range of options in treating and preventing disease using natural therapies. 

We can  work as a team to find the right balance between the two and implement an integrative approach that supports your pets own natural healing for better long term outcomes with fewer unwanted side effects.

I’ve helped loads of happy pets

I’ve helped loads of happy pets

"I still can't believe for a mobile vet just how comprehensive Dr Lulu's service is. Tonka has received blood & urine testing, ultrasound, a personalised fresh prescription diet suited to his health problems, arthritis injections and overall health checks and follow ups all in the comfort of our own home... and at the most reasonable and honest price I've ever been charged! Can’t recommend highly enough. Lulu is so passionate about helping animals, educating owners and overall animal health. Tonka was placed on a special Vet prescription diet when he was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease several years ago. Even though I was told this was “best for him” I didn’t like feeding him a dry packaged food, especially when his coat became thin and dry. I was really keen to get him back onto a fresh food diet but knew it wouldn’t be easy due to his medical condition. Dr Lulu educated me on which foods to include, what to avoid and provided sample meal plans. I can honestly say Tonka has never been happier, healthier and so full of life! Also, his coat is shinier, his allergies have been relieved, and he looks forward to meal times again! We can't thank you enough Dr Lulu! X"

Rosie, Scarborough Western Australia

Owner of "Tonka" - 8 year old Rottweiler with Chronic Kidney Disease and Skin Allergies


"I found Dr Lu after I was told by regular Vet that my 13 y/o Irish Terrier needed to be euthanised immediately (due to elevated liver enzymes after ingesting some leaves of a toxic plant). Dr Lu dispensed a herbal tonic to support her liver, followed by a suggested natural RAW diet to allow her to heal naturally. We followed this up with a home visit to recheck bloods. Well...! Not only had her liver enzymes declined but now she is back to her regular self. Her coat looks amazing, she can now jump up on the lounge (after not being able to do so for >4 months), she is more energetic and sprightly. I am totally indebted to Dr Lu for giving me extra time with dog; and I'm learning about the importance of good nutrition and the pitfalls of prescribed medications & commercial pet food. If I could give 10 stars, I would. I found Dr Lu to be genuinely concerned for my dog's comfort and during this whole process back to health I felt reassured that Dr Lu was always only a phone call away if I needed her. I really cannot thank her enough."

Donna, Byron Bay WA

Owner of “Tosca” 13 yo Irish Terrier with Liver disease and arthritis


"Lu is amazing, she is such a passionate vet and person! Everything she does is with 100% effort and care, she was amazing when we had to euthanise our beloved family dog, Jezzie at home. Lu made it so peaceful and beautiful, it was the best decision we ever made for her. I would highly recommend Dr Lu to anyone looking for in home care for their loved fur babies".

Greer, Duncraig WA

Owner of "Jezzie” Staffordshire Bull Terrier with Arthritis


"Dr Lu is amazing and has done wonders for our dog. Our Rotty has suffered for years with tummy issues and sores. Our local vet has never been able to get to the cause of any of his issues, always treating the symptoms with a 'try this and see how it goes' philosophy, pumping him with antibiotics and other medications. He is a big powerful dog, and unfortunately gets very fearful and anxious at the vets, so often he is difficult to assess. Never was there mention of a 'holistic' approach, that's when I came across Dr Lu for a second opinion. Her approach to him is marvelous, she knows how to handle fearful and anxious pets. Even when he had to be sedated, Lu did it with ease (a technique I'd never thought of) and he didn't even know it was done. Within 10 minutes he was out, unlike our old vet who had to max dose him out with sedatives, and even after an hour he still wasn't out. But what I love the most is her holistic approach to treatment. Our dog has only been on her supplements for almost 3 weeks, but the effects have been outstanding. I have seen more improvement in him with Lu's treatment than in years of conventional medications. Our dog looks happy again, with an almost puppyish side coming out of him again. Lu is great at what she does, and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a holistic perspective. For my dogs situation, I certainly have more faith in alternative treatments over conventional ones".

Claire, Byron Bay WA

Owner of “Tyson” 5 year old Rottweiler with IBD and anxiety with his best friend Ragdoll


"Dr Lu you were absolutely amazing from start to finish! Following an xray showing my 5yo Blue Heeler, Desi, had ruptured his ACL I didn't know where to start with finding the right surgeon, pain medication, and post op care. Lu had all the time in the world to talk me through the procedure, my options and took it upon herself to gather some quotes and offer available appointments at various clinics to fast track Desi's treatment. We went with Vic Park Vets and ALL of the staff were absolutely amazing and treated him like he was their own- which meant the world. We are now 3 weeks post op today and you wouldn't even know he had anything done! His scar is almost invisible and he puts normal weight on his leg again! We also followed Lu's recommendations of some herbal approaches to anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial treatments to get Desi off the drugs but still optimise his recovery- and again, I'm blown away. I won't go with anyone else and highly, highly recommend Dr Lu and her referrals! Thanks lovely lady xx"

Courtney, Byron Bay WA

Owner of “Desmond” Blue Heeler with Cruciate Rupture

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At Home Services

At Home Services

Holistic Wellness Examinations

A check-up in the comfort of your own home means your pet stays relaxed whilst I perform my examination.


Reduced chemical preventative care

A tailored flea, worm and heartworm prevention regimes to reduce the use of chemicals.


Nutrition & Diet Advice

Feeding your pet a nutritionally balanced diet composed of wholesome, fresh foods is one of the very best things you can do for your pets health.


Vaccinations & Titre Testing

Tailored recommendations ensure your pet is fully protected against viral infections without being over-vaccinated.



Being proactive about your pets health means conducting thorough investigations to screen for diseases and imbalances that may contribute to their health.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal formulas are tailored to your pet and improve their health by supporting the body’s own in-built healing mechanisms.


Conventional pharmaceutical therapy

*Compounded Medicines 
*Repeat prescriptions for ongoing medications


Routine Surgeries

I perform xrays and routine surgeries including dental work, lump removals and wound repairs at any of my three partnership clinics


Phone and Skype Consultations

Ideal if you need urgent advice, live outside of Byron Bay, or would prefer just to start with a chat!


Team Work Is Key!

I won’t hesitate to get my friends involved when your pet needs any additional support.


At-Home Euthanasia

Compassionate in-home pet euthanasia for dogs and cats and dogs.

Pet Emergency Advice

Contact Me

Contact Me

Byron Bay, New South Wales 
Australia, Australia

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm

After hours available upon request - surcharge applies