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Tailored Herbal Formula

Tailored Herbal Formula


Giving your pet a daily dose of a Herbal Formula is an incredibly effective way of supporting their natural healing pathways and getting their bodies back into balance.

Each formulation is tailored to my patient’s individual needs and includes a combination of 4-6 herbs which have been selected for their proven medicinal properties. ⁣
I can also use specific herbs to support your pets individual nutritive, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant requirements and can even use herbs to help your pet to relax.

They are especially helpful for pets with chronic conditions including arthritis, skin disease, IBD, liver & kidney disease anxiety.

Each bottle will last between 4-12 weeks depending on your pets individual needs and dosage.

For more information about herbal medicine, click here.

*** The herbal formula is based on your pets individual needs, hence they will need an in-home or phone/skype consultation before I can send out the herbal.

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50mL Small bottle $75 for cats/dogs under 10kg, 200mL Medium bottle $95 for dogs 10-25kg, 500mL Large bottle $195 dogs over 25kg


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